03: Pre-Order


03: Boys’ Paradise is here.

03: Boys' Paradise

03: Boys’ Paradise is our third and largest print-only issue with 100 full-color pages of images, artwork, and articles. Created with queer contributors from different parts of the world, this issue tackles the theme of paradise and the ways queer people navigate the delicate balance between a beautiful fantasy and (the sometimes harsh) reality. Split into 3 parts, Paradise Found Through Photo, Paradise Found Through Word, and Paradise Found Through Art, there is something in this issue for everyone.

Due to costs, we will only be printing as many copies as are pre-ordered (for this round), so make sure you order a copy to ensure you receive 03 before it is could be gone for good!

The pre-ordered copies will be printed in mid-January and mailed out around January 31st, 2019.

  • Size: 6 x 9” (Perfect for your coffee table, backpack, purse, or hand)

  • 100 pages of full-color printing

  • Matte Cover and Inside Paper

  • All Queer Content

  • No Ads Inside!